Spotlight On: Faces, Strange and Secret (The Fear Mythos Anthology Volume 1)

Front cover

Front cover

Faces, Strange and Secret: An Anthology of Stories from the Fear Mythos is the first volume in a series of short story collections containing creepypasta from the Fear Mythos. Faces, Strange and Secret contains sixty-three stories from twenty-two authors and twenty Fear illustrations drawn by alliterator, who also edited the book.

The book can be bought on Amazon, Smashwords, or CreateSpace. You can get either a physical copy, a Kindle edition, or one of many other types of e-reader!

Here’s a listing of the stories in the Anthology:

(Anything with an asterisk can also be found on the Faces, Strange and Secret blog):

The Problems of Hell by JJJ
The Truth Will Set You Free by Visitor*
Exploring a Sealed Wing by JJJ
The Hum by alliterator
Jack Frost by tgecko
Inevitable by JJJ
Decay by Omega
Need You Like Water in My Lungs by alliterator*
Soundless by JJJ
Penance by JJJ
Lucidity Online Newspaper 21 by JJJ
Underneath by JJJ
Richard Cory by alliterator
Nerve by Visitor*
Possibilities by JJJ
Shadow Play by Malus
Talk on a Streetcorner by JJJ
Closing Time by alliterator
The Last Mistake I Will Ever Make by JJJ
Precious Little Angel by Atik*
Comfort and Joy by The Nameless One

Amen by Omega*
Eulogy for Howard O’Grady by JJJ
Time/Place by CuteWithoutThe
Salvation by ExorcistGamer
The Day the Door Froze by DJay32
The Witch of Gatlinburg by LizardBite*
Teenage Gluttony by DJay32
Saved by The Nameless One
Insanity Door by DJay32
Charcoal Sketches by Funden
She Dreamt She Was a Bulldozer, She Dreamt She Was Alone in an Empty Field by Amelia
Infection by JJJ
Tick Tock by Proxiehunter
Wish by DJay32* (Shorter version on blog, full version in Anthology)
Merry Christmas, Mommy! by tgecko
The March of Pestilence by ZacksQuest
Still Life by Manic Muse
Chrysanthemums by alliterator*
Statements Recorded From a Candlelight Vigil by JJJ
Case File Juliet 005 by Proxiehunter

The Farmhouse by Amelia
Christmas Present by Amelia
Shortcut by Malus
Blood Music by JJJ
The Midwinter Nights by ZacksQuest
The Storm by The Somnambulist
A Great Man, Dying by The Nameless One
The Ballerinas of Versiansa by DJay32*
Wanderlust by JJJ
Hell is Repetition by ExorcistGamer
152 Hours by tgecko
The Hive by Proxiehunter
Weak Foundations by Apostate
William Wright by DJay32*
The Monster in the Mirror by Shayde*
Peter Pan by Visitor*
The Thing Where My Eyes Used to Be by DJay32*
Erosion by ExorcistGamer*
Roses by Tigerhallam
The Suicide Note of an Anonymous Mother by RedRockingHood*
Playtime with Mikey by Proxiehunter
The Killing Type by alliterator (never-before-seen!)

Final notes: This Anthology has been long in production, but now that it’s up and out the door I think we’re really proud of it as a sort of representation of the diverse horror our mythos can provide. It’s certainly something worth putting on your bookshelf. alliterator worked hard on this book and it shows. And hey, he’s planning more volumes for the future, so hopefully our mythos will start to look pretty prolific as years go by.



2 thoughts on “Spotlight On: Faces, Strange and Secret (The Fear Mythos Anthology Volume 1)

  1. Tigerhallam says:

    I’ve certainly bought it!

  2. […] Faces, Strange and Secret is a blog dedicated to Fear creepypasta. It has a wide selection of short creepy stories about a very wide selection of Fears written by a large variety of writers! Readers can send in their own creepypasta to be included. Now with an anthology to put on your bookshelf! […]

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