Drawn by Rappu

Drawn by Rappu

OH GOD THE RAPTURE IS BURNING: The Rapture Logs is an epic internet novel in the Fear Mythos by DJay32 (that is, myself). Its premise is simple: For five months the world is thrown into a twisted surreal apocalypse as something known as “Rapture” is coming on October 21st, 2011. This entire apocalypse is chronicled by odd often minute-by-minute journals kept by sixteen-year-old Jordan Dooling as he tries to survive and adapt to the ever-changing conditions of life in Hell.

Painted by Wiratomkinder

Painted by Wiratomkinder

The actual story itself gets considerably more complicated than the premise may suggest. Jordan pursues and meets up with his many friends, only for tensions to rise and cause even the tightest of friendships to fall apart. Every single Fear covered by this series bible is given a role to play in the end of the world, and many Fears not covered find their way into the narrative as well, often to challenge the concepts the mythos runs on. Furthermore, there’s an entire cast of original creatures and monsters to give the Fears a run for their money and a whole eldritch universe of impossibility to provide strange looks into characters’ psyches.

The Rapture Logs consist of over 400,000 words, but to break up the pace, there’s frequent art as drawn by artists Logic, Cadet, Rappu, The Visitor, Wiratomkinder, Amelia, and darkforestwarrior. Together, they’ve produced 85 pieces of art scattered throughout the logs, hopefully making the reading experience diverse enough.

Drawn by Logic

Drawn by Logic

The most recent and essentially-final draft can be found, in free downloadable PDF format and edited by SlendySlayer, right here at the official Rapture Tumblr. It can also be read online here.

Drawn by darkforestwarrior

Drawn by darkforestwarrior

Final notes: OH GOD THE RAPTURE IS BURNING took me two years to write and compile, and now that it’s done, I’ve developed a lot of plans for where to take it in the future. I can’t publicly say much, but I would love for you to stick around. If these projects come to fruition, Rapture’ll be seeing a lot more art and a lot more multimedia productions overall.



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