Spotlight On: Fear Mythos: The RPG


Fear Mythos: The RPG is a short freeware computer game by LizardBite released on August 5th, 2012. In it, you control eight popular protagonists from Fearblogs who explore The Empty City with the aid of the Jack of All, defeating the twenty-two vanilla Fears and discovering secrets along the way. The RPG receives frequent updates including bug fixes and even new sidequests. It is currently in beta.

EAT screenshot

The game has received critical acclaim so far due to its custom chibi-style portrayals of Fears and characters, as well as its balanced and intuitive battles and creative minimalist story. The protagonists have received much praise, coming from a popular variety of stories including (clockwise from top-left):

Faces LIZ

Each of the eight protagonists has one secret weapon exclusively for him or her hidden away in certain places.


Final notes: Let’s Plays of the RPG are being made, though you’ll have to look for them yourself. Personally, I really enjoyed Fear Mythos: The RPG. It’s a great game, only takes a few hours to play through. The battles are fun and creative, some get surprisingly difficult, and when you experiment with the characters it becomes obvious why they’re considered a dream team of protagonists. I highly recommend this, our first ever video game. LizardBite did a fantastic job with it, and he’s still adding to it.



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