Get Involved: Fear Creepypasta and Videos

The main focus of the Fear Mythos is on the countless individual stories and videos featuring Fears, but there are some websites that have a more communal focus!


Faces, Strange and Secret is a blog dedicated to Fear creepypasta. It has a wide selection of short creepy stories about a very wide selection of Fears written by a large variety of writers! Readers can send in their own creepypasta to be included. Now with an anthology to put on your bookshelf!

Channels, Static and Flickering is a spin-off of Faces, Strange and Secret. It’s basically a blog dedicated to creepypasta based on Tower TV, a fictional broadcasting station connected to the Wooden Girl that airs strange and disturbing programs. Readers can send in their own creepypasta or art based on already established or new programs.

The Fear Blogger is a YouTube channel dedicated to Fear videos submitted by the community.


One thought on “Get Involved: Fear Creepypasta and Videos

  1. […] Creepypasta is a short creepy story on the internet. If you don’t want to write anything huge, just want to get something short out, feel free to write something and send it to one of our communal-based creepypasta sites! […]

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