Contact Us: Links to the Fear Mythos

You can contact us and/or read further into the Fear Mythos from one of many links (all links open in new tab). Note: Some sources of information may be incomplete.

Alternate Sources of Information (for readers and writers)
The Fear Mythos Wiki (Open-source encyclopedia of Fears and stories within the mythos.)
Beginner’s Guide to the Mythos (Information for new readers of the mythos.)
The Fear Mythos Weebly (Mini-series bible for the Fear Mythos, includes list of stories and creepypasta.)
The Fear Mythos TVTropes Page (Page regarding conventions within the stories.)

Alternate Sources of Information (in fictional context)
The Fear Mythos (A man thinks he creates the Fear Mythos, only for them to come to life.)
annel Fear (A man gathers information regarding Fears.)
The Archive (A cult of followers of The Blind Man gather information regarding Fears.)
Topography Genera Center East (A Fear-research organization posts their findings.)

The Only Thing to Fear Forum (The center of the Fear Mythos community.)
Fear Mythos Games Site (Website dedicated to video games featuring the Fear Mythos.)
The Fear Mythos Wiki (Open-source encyclopedia, has talk pages and comment sections.)
The Fear Mythos TVTropes Thread (Where our mythos originated. This thread is mostly dead now.)
The Fear Mythos Slender Nation Thread (Thread on Slendernation. The topic is now locked and archived.)
The Fear Mythos on Facebook (Facebook page.)
The Fearverse Group (Facebook Group page, for creators and fans.)


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