Series Bible

Explaining the Fear Mythos

Forumites: Welcome to the Community! (What is the Fear Mythos? What are Fears?)

Writer’s List: A List of Fears (Find out about the Fears!)

Wrapping Up: Final Details on the Fear Mythos (Regarding the canon and requisites for writing Fearblogs.)

The Important Links

Contact Us: Links to the Fear Mythos (Alternate Sources of Information, Community)

The Library: List of Completed Fear Works (All finished Fearblogs and vlogs.)

Get Involved: Fear Creepypasta and Videos (Outlets to be creative without making blogs!)

Other Important Articles on Writing

Writing Options: Where to Start Writing in the Fear Mythos by DJay32 (A breakdown of the various types of stories you can find here!)

How Fears are Made by Lizard Bite (An article looking back on the creation process of four different Fears, and how they came to be)

Mental Health and Your Fearblog by Squeek (An exhaustive article discussing how to be accurate and not portray things badly)

Sexual Assault and Your Fearblog by RedRockingHood (An exhaustive article discussing how to be accurate and not portray things badly)

Spotlight On

Fear Mythos: The RPG (Freeware RPG featuring eight popular Fear Mythos protagonists and twenty-two Fears!)

OH GOD THE RAPTURE IS BURNING (Epic online novel featuring as many Fears as could be fit and over 80 pictures!)

Faces, Strange and Secret (An anthology of stories from the Fear Mythos, volume one. Sixty-three stories and twenty illustrations in one book!)


One thought on “Series Bible

  1. One day I’ll check out The Fear Mythos. One day, I swear! :p

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